How to choose the right custom fit mouthguard?

How to choose the right custom fit mouthguard?

Boxing mouthguard, MMA mouthguard , BJJ mouthguard, Rugby mouthguard etc. 

Whats the difference?

For boxing and amateur mma , muaythai and kickboxing a regular 5mm thickness gumshield is a good option. Our custom fit gumshields will sit tight in your mouth without being too bulky and uncomfortable. 

When it comes to professional level MMA , K1 , Muaythai and other contact sports where elbows , knees , shins can be thrown we would highly recommend our 4 layer safety plus gumshields that are still only 5mm thickness to give the comfort and fit you want, but also more rigid and provide higher level or protection.

BJJ, rugby and even junior boxers , will be fine with 4mm thickness gumshield as in junior age boxing the contacts are not as hard and in rugby / BJJ being able to speak clearly with gumshield in your mouth can be quite important.

If you still unsure what to pick, give us a message and we will happily advice.

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