Professional gumshields for all contact sports

As a dental laboratory we have been making and supplying dentists with custom fit mouthguards for over 30 years. Now, we launched ProGumshields, with our self impression kits we can cut the costs for more affordable gumshields. We work closely with our athletes to assure best fit and design.

How it works?

1. Pick your gumshield and customise it yourself using 'Customise it' option. If you need help with your design feel free to contact us!

2. Once you place your order, we will send you self impression kit with instructions.

3. Make impression of your teeth and post it back to us with our pre-paid label.

4. Once we recieve your impression we start making your custom fit gumshield!


Before taking impression, make sure you dont have any lose teeth or have any bridge work done. In this case we strongly recommend getting your impressions done by your dentist. If you are due for any dental treatment , get it done before taking impressions to ensure best fit.

Video turtorial on how to take impressions using our kit.

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